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Wood project; Stool

October 29, 2011

In my first rotation at university, we were given inductions on a lot of machinery; Band saws, Circular sanders, routers and the lathe. The stool project was to create a stool for a particular purpose or person, and it couldn’t be bigger than 3ft by 3ft. I decided, being the petite height that I am, to make a stool as an aide for reaching things too high for me. I also wanted to investigate ways of making it foldaway, or portable.

So, following a joint making workshop, I tried out various ways of joining things temporarily, but so they would still be strong enough to support weight. I used a simple peg style joint, so that the end of the leg fits into a hole in the base, and weight on the joint will secure it. Three legs on stools are always preferable as it is more stable than four. I used a lathe to make the legs, also combining the solidity of beech for the ends which touch the floor, with pine for its ease of chiselling. I used plywood for the base and designed the shape so that it could sit against a wall or cupboards, yet still with enough room for my foot to fit comfortably. I used a pillar drill to make holes in the legs and in the walnut pieces underneath the top, so that by sliding a dowel through them all, they would be secured safely to the underside of the stool. I stained the holes and legs different colours so that each would fit better into its own slot.

This was only a four week project, with only one week dedicated to the actual production of the stool, and I learnt a lot about the different process’ and machinery. Overall I’m pretty happy with the result and I often use it at home to reach things. 



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  1. Tom Barden permalink
    November 1, 2012 11:09 am

    There is a lot more to you than meets the eye Lemons! Nice work 😀

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