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Made by A Lemon – Christmas

October 27, 2011

This year, I aimed to make the majority of my Christmas gifts, especially the ones for the family 🙂 As I LOVE ceramics I decided to try-out making some hand-thrown mugs on the wheel. I used a simple design, basic cylindrical body made on the wheel with hand-formed handles. I made one for myself first, just to test the size and shape, and later, some of the under-glaze paints.

In all (including my own one) I made 9 mugs. First step was wedging the clay and moulding it into spheres. Then it was thrown into shape on the wheel. After letting it dry out a little, I turned it on the wheel, to make the foot-rings underneath and added the handles. When it was a little bit drier, I painted them (using under-glaze paints), using either three or four coats where necessary. From start to finish, it takes about three/ four weeks (depending on the thickness and how long it takes to dry out before firing etc.) to make one from scratch.  I did them in batches of threes and fours.

I also incised names and attributes onto the outside for decoration, and painted them in different colours.

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