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Richard Long Exhibition

October 31, 2012

Some notes and sketches from Richard Long’s 2011 exhibition at The Haunch of Venison gallery, London. I really enjoyed the exhibit as I’m a big fan of the Earth Art movement, to which Long is associated, as well as the works of Andy Goldsworthy and David Nash. I love the way that artefacts from nature can be changed into something new, can be understood in a new light. There is a visual calmness and tranquillity to a lot of the work, especially “Continuous Circle of White/Grey Stones”, yet there is also a precision to its assemblage which not often seen in nature. The lines of stones, and of bark in “24 Bark sheets, 23 on Floor, 1 on Raised Sticks” are all positioned in very strict lines and patterns.

The space in the gallery and where the pieces were displayed added another dimension to the show; with the larger works hanging in the open plan spaces, with bare white and concrete surroundings, and the smaller, more intimate pieces in the more decorated and homely rooms at the front of the gallery.

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