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Research Seminar …Research :)

December 12, 2010

This project, I’ve been having research seminars, which have been a really helpful way of gathering research in different ways. Primary Research (collecting data yourself by making a questionnaire or interviewing people) and Empirical research (still collecting the data yourself, but by direct observation or experiance). I chose to use Primary research, and perform a questionnaire. I also looked at the artist Gillian Wearing who uses this method in her work, and photographs people holding up thier answers on paper.

My Question I wanted to pose to people was “Why do you make art”, and I chose this question, as I wanted to find out why people do the work that they do, and also, if age and experiance made any difference. I wondered if the older you are, you make art more for yourself, or if some groups of people had more complex answers. I also wrote a short Project proposal…

 And as I’m using Gillian Wearing as inspiration, I decided to photograph people with their responses…

Scanned Sketchbook page

Scanned page from my sketchbookAnother scanned sketchbook page

 I think the photo’s themselves are a nice piece on their own, but I found the results difficult to catagorise and decifer. I think they make an interesting piece, but I don’t think as far as gaining a particular answer, that this was the correct question to pose, as the results varied too much. I did learn however, that it dosn’t really matter what age you are, that most people said something along the lines of that its something you HAVE to do; its in your make-up. It implies that as artists, we don’t have a choice to create work – it creates itself.  I also think that once you find out yourself why you make art, it can help you to make better pieces, and enjoy it more!  

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