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Tea Film

December 11, 2010

I have been working using IMovie for this project, a program which I have never used before. I found it easy enough to use, despite an initial setback with uploading the videos and getting the system working, and found it interesting to use the software to cut clips and add audio tracks. I filmed using my Nikon D5000, which luckily has 720 filming. The subject of my film was grounded around the quote by Matt Barney:

“What happens when you put a piece of porcelain, next to a piece of leather? What resonance does that create?”

From this quote, I was working with ideas of materials in contrast to each other, and developed this, to compare women and men – women being similar to porcelain,with connotations of delicateness and beauty. Men are linked to leather, with the roughness and associations with the strong, tough fabric. I used the activity of making tea as the porcelain reference initially reminded me of a tea set.

I asked my cousin, Emma and her fiancée Alan, to be the actors in my film, and asked them to dress in a stereotypical way, according to their genders. I gave Emma a white dress to wear, to add further to the porcelain reference. She also wore earrings which I made. I chose a masculine tea set for Emma to use, and a more womanly one for Alan to use, to make the differences between their behaviour seem more obvious.From the feedback I got given during the crit/ evaluation I think it it would work just as well if not better, by taking the song out of it. I managed to capture quite a lot of sound naturally, and the song draws attention away from it somewhat.

To highlight the differences between genders in the activity, I gave the Emma the tea set that a man might use, and found that she was still delicate and womanly whereas Alan, given the womanly set, was still manly and rough.

It would be really helpful to get some more feed back as this is my first film! 🙂

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