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Memory Boxes and Disks

June 5, 2015

From my research, I have learnt that many people think that keeping objects from a loved one is useful in the process of grieving and remembrance. People like to keep little trinkets and objects; letters, key rings, jewellery and photographs. But what if these most valuable items were lost, or damaged?

These memory boxes are created using a selection of photographs and objects that have been left to the living to make a memory disk. The Memory Disk is then fired onto the lid of a ceramic box – preserving the ephemera forever.

The two examples are from personal relics left to me that belonged to my grandfather or associated with his death, which I have made my own memory box for.

The other is from a collection of items that were found left behind at a disused building, which have allowed me to make a second box, based on someone I am unfamiliar with.

The making of these two Memory Disks has allowed me to create a formula, so that I can reproduce these ideas, but with different people, objects and photographs. Connections between objects and their owners can be very strong and these connections allow us to continue to bond with and remember those who have left us.

three memory boxes

To make the pieces, I start by making drawings and taking photographs of the persons objects and the things they have collected throughout their life. I use their photographs and then start to build up imagery using drawing and watercolour painting.

DSC_0770 scan 1 cambridge crest0003

scan 1 cambridge crest0016 scan 1 cambridge crest0011DSC_0776

DSC_0785 scan 1 cambridge crest0007

scan 1 cambridge crest0010 scan 1 cambridge crest0005

building the leach memory disk Leach original  1

Building Grandads memory disk grandad memory box

The images are fused together to make the memory disks. These are then sent away to be specially printed and made into decals, which are then fired onto the lids of the boxes. I am considering taking commissions, so please contact me if you would like to know more!

Today is also the private View of my Graduate show at Brighton University! The show is open to the public from Saturday 6th to Sunday 14th June. .  Aside from Ceramics, there are also makers showing jewellery, design products, furniture, sculpture and much more! Other courses such as Fashion, Textiles, Illustration, Graphics, Sculpture and Fine Art will also be exhibiting across the Grand parade Campus. You can find my work in the Design and Craft Section (in room 150) on the first floor.

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