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Progress; Split Urns, Memory Boxes and Partial Remain Urns

April 18, 2015

I’m busy making and throwing lots, as there is only 4 making weeks left of this year! The time is going so quickly, especially since the workshops were closed for the Easter break, so here are some updates on what I’m working on right now;


Split Urns 

These are urns designed for two people that are thrown from the same vessel and then split vertically and made into two pieces. The latest design I’m working on, is instead of the inside split being completely flat against each other, one will concave, and the other is eased outwards to mimic the curve, so that they fit together.This is a great new development, and the next stage is glazing them all! I have my first one out, and its an earthenware deep matte barium blue glaze, and I absolutely love it! I hope to have three more for the final show, so I still have one more to make!

20150317_161726 20150317_161736 Split Urns










The finished Deep Barium Glazed piece!

The finished Deep Barium Glazed piece!

The latest Big Split urn, with detail around the neck

The latest Big Split urn, with detail around the neck


























Memory Boxes and Memory Disks. 

I am making memory boxes to be used to hold items of sentimental value that have been passed on from a loved one. I myself have many small objects that belonged to my Grandfather. I am making drawings and paintings using collections of these objects and old photographs, that I will make into decals and fire to the ceramic lids. I only have a few photographs of my Granddad and I, and by firing theses images onto the ceramic, they can be treasured forever. I wanted the piece to look watery and quite jumbled, as my memories of him are very old and quite faint now, so I mainly used watercolours and drawing pens.

Here’s the piece I have been making using my Grandfather as an example;

Memory Disk



Some of the original drawings of the objects

Some of the original drawings of the object

Memory Box














This is an unusually crafted piece, as I threw it as an enclosed form, then turned it upside down and cut the lid away from the now top of the pot. It was thrown in one piece, with the legs added on in the leatherhard state. It is fired to 1260 using the tin white glaze I developed in my second year (It is an earthenware glaze, but also looks lovely into the Stoneware ranges!) and a blue stoneware glaze on a petra grog body. This is the first proper lidded piece I have made in this way and I’m very pleased with the finish!


Partial Urns. 

For these pieces I am using the same bottle forms and glazes, but in smaller sizes. I have also started to play around with some porcelain for the first time (a little risky in final year!). It is so clean and white and smooth and it is sometimes very trick to use! It can collapse very easily and is a very thirsty clay – which means it dries out and can become overworked very fast! A tutor of mine, Lousia Taylor ( who is an expert porcelain thrower, has been giving me tips – such as throwing with slurry to create a barrier between the clay and hands, so it doesn’t dry so fast, which has helped me a lot! I’ve also enjoyed throwing with terracotta clay too, as well as petra and modelling clay.












DSC_0587a DSC_0589a DSC_0569a














Quite a long post, so thank you for getting this far! Lots has been happening recently, and I have been making so many new discoveries and objects, but I will share some more photographs and the progression shortly!

I also handed in my 8000 word dissertation titled “What Were the Motives for Soldiers making Crafts During The First and Second World Wars” just before Easter, so that was keeping me pretty busy too!

Thank you to Alan Dell ( ) for the photo editing!


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  1. Deb Lemon permalink
    May 6, 2015 7:21 pm

    Rachel I love your new urns the colour is absolutely amazing, I am looking forward to seeing them in person. Keep up the good work. MUM x x

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