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Dream-catchers and Amethyst Blankets

February 4, 2015

As a little break from uni work, I made a dream catcher last week! I was trimming one of my big vessels and the circlet I cut off makes for a nice frame instead of the traditional willow branch. I’ve made a dream-catcher once before, but I was only about seven, so I probably had a lot of help! You can see my first dream-catcher in the photo of my room (Below) from when I moved into my first house at uni – Its moved with me everywhere!

My first year room at uni - with my old dream-catcher.

My first year room at uni – with my old dream-catcher.








I started following a howto guide online, but then just started to make it up as  I went along, and the middle somehow became a star shape! I’m pretty pleased with it and I hope I’ll be able to replicate it! Unfortunately SOMEONE accidentally broke it before I could photograph it properly, but I managed to wedge the broken piece back in. I’m planning on neatening up the hanging threads and maybe adding to it too.


















I have also been knitting a massive, what started of as a scarfy throw thing, and now is pretty much a blanket, when I first got to uni. I’m not a slow knitter per say, its just that I forget about it for ages then pick it up when I feel like relaxing and having a little knit. My nanna taught me to knit when I was younger; she is a diamond lady and an amazing knitter.

DSC_0024 DSC_0021











As you can see it is pretty big! Its made of Alpaca wool and it is super thick and snuggly! The colour is beautiful, sort of heather/ amythest purple and blue.










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