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From the Beginning… The Mexican Inspired Urn Series

April 5, 2014

For the past two years or so I have been creating work around the theme of death. I think death should not be something we fear, but we should celebrate the beauty of someone’s time here on earth, to help cope with their leaving. Dia de los Muertos is now a famous Mexican holiday celebrated all over the world, with sugar skulls and bright coloured clothing, and for Mexicans, it is a time to honour their ancestors.

Early earthenware glaze tests, inspired by the colours of Mexico.

Earthenware Glaze Tests












I was inspired by the patterns and imagery on Mexican fabrics. They are so bright and cheerful, and to me they are the perfect embodiment of life, happiness and celebration.

Large test tile







urn shaped test pieces 20140117_093956








These are some very early test pieces. I threw some in two parts then attached them together, another one I slabbed in two parts. These are just tests, and so they were useful to try out some ideas and experiment with glazes, but ultimately I wasn’t happy with the forms or the glaze quality; they looked too messy. I also wanted to incorporate more a.pattern over the top of the glaze, so  I wanted to tone down the background, but keep the strength of colour.

I decided to use the spray gun to glaze them. I threw two of them, but in one piece to test out the spray glazing; I had to thin down the glazes so they would spray better. I also developed colour palettes – by choosing only 5 or so colours for each piece, I could then add more pattern without it looking over the top or making it too difficult to look at.

20140310_164108 Spray Glazed (Slip cast) pieces











Rachel Lemon Finished Mexican urns


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