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Ceramics Shoes

January 2, 2013

This was a first year self directed project, and so it was really exciting to finally have the time to follow our own ideas and write our own briefs. I’ve always been interested in memories, and the places I’ve been. My red converse have been with me all over the world, and I wonder at the streets they have walked on, whether they retain a memory of the city or country I have visited. So I decided after a lot of research and test pieces to make a scale pair of converse, made of samples of places where I’ve walked.

Ceramic converse

The pieces are made of Crank and Keuper Red clay bodies and glazed with a shiny transparent earthenware glaze. The slab on which the shoes sit is an impression of a paving slab on my street in Brighton which was brushed with copper oxide, then glazed with a transparent leadless stoneware glaze.

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