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Edward De Bono’s 6 thinking Hats (Creative thinking Strategies)

October 20, 2010

“This is a method used in both education and business to encourage a different approach to considering or resolving a problem. Each colour represents a mode of thinking and the wearer of the ‘hat’ must approach the problem in the manner described.”

 White Hat: Objective Thinking, Facts and figures only.

Red Hat: Emotional thinking.

Black Hat: Critical thinking

Yellow Hat: Positive thinking

Green Hat: Creative thinking, look for new ideas

Blue Hat: Manages thinking, look at the overall picture.

For our first assignment this year, we had a short 3 day project called the fashion revolution. In small groups, we were asked to create a garment based on 5 political ideas of our choosing. My group decided to do something completely different from the other groups, and decided to do a less serious angle, and make up funny ideas. A few of us were interested in politics, but felf that the task called for a more fun and playful approach, rather than just thinking up the classic things in our government that needed sorting, like education or the NHS.

Our five main points are as follows…

  1. Zombie apocalypse attack/defence plan – bunkers, gun laws, L4D on the curriculum as well as zombie films (e.g.: dawn of the dead, Shaun of the dean etc)
  2. Greener Travel – Space hoppers instead of cars, which means less pollution, no congestion charges and combat child/ adult obesity.
  3. NHS  Revamp – Blink 182 style nurses uniforms, and pink nurse Joy wigs (ode to Pokémon)
  4. Cross-dress Tuesday – as Tuesday IS gay night, add some “fun” into the week – less serious
  5. Merge Monday into Sunday – beat those Monday morning blues, longer weekends.

White hat

Our work all had to be made out of paper so it was cheap to manufacture. It was quite tricky to move and wear the paper in way that it wouldn’t tear or dismantle.

Red Hat

Our outfit was quite loud and in your face, it was bold and bright. It was meant to symbolise a sense of humour and fun which I think we achieved due to the bright pink, and the massive cone boobs!

Black hat

I think we could have made better use of the material we had, but given the short space of time we had to gather ideas and to make it, i think we did quite well, in terms of creative output and time management. There could have been better attention to detail.

Yellow Hat

I liked the way our piece made everyone laugh in the fashion show as this was one of our aims. I also think Adam did a brilliant job of modelling the garment, making it funny and a bit raunchy! We worked quite well as a team and we had fun with it whilst others took it really seriously, which is important I think to do in creative things.

Green Hat

Next time, we could be more inventive with our choice of types of paper, maybe using wallpaper or even making our own if time allowed.

Blue Hat

Overall, I think we worked well and to the best of our abilities. I don’t think our political ideas were sent across strongly enough, but I think people understood that we were the crazy party! As most of us hadn’t made garments out of paper, and the fact that we didn’t even know our team to begin with, I think we communicated our ideas well to each other, and got on really well.

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