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Foundaton WorkHere are a few of my favorite things….

September 29, 2010

On my foundation course, we have started to look at our favorite things; being artists, designers, books etc. I have been thinking about this a lot and I find it quite difficult to only list a few in each category as I like so many things! but here I go…

  1. Artists – as I love nature and all things organic, a favorite group of artists of mine are the Earth artists. Richard Long, Andy Goldsworthy and Mario Merz are all great inspirations to me as I love the way the work and the pieces they create. A piece by Goldsworthy I love, is this leaf piece (below) as its really colourful and interesting and I can appriciate the amount of time it took to make and how carefully it was made. I also really like the work of David Harrison, who I saw at the Victoria Miro Gallery in London last year. His work is quite dark and kooky and he also uses a lot of wildlife imagery in his pieces. I love his paintings as they are really detailed and interesting to look at.
  2. Architecture – I’m not big on design and buildings as such, but I like the gothic era and the darkness of that period, so I find the Cathedral of Santa Eulalia in Barcelona beautiful and inspiring and a place I would love to visit. I also love Salvador Dali’s home in spain as I love surrealism as a movement and the building is wacky and totally unique.
  3. Books – I love to read and I have a lot of books that I love. I like reading the New Scientist books as I love learning new things and there informative yet still humourous at the same time. I love Roald Dahl as even his children’s books have a dark side to them and there funny and wittty. I also like Quentin Blake’s illustrations in his novels. They take me back to my childhood as I read ALL his books as a child, and I loved entering the worlds of Charlie, the witches and the twits. Another book that I fell in love with at an early age, was “A necklace of Raindrops” by Joan Aiken, not only because of the superbly written stories, but also because of the illustrations. This book was my first introduction to the work of Jan Pienkowski – who is one of my favorite illustrators ever. I love his sillouettes and marbled backgrounds, with delicate borders and beautiful colours. They really bring the stories to life and are just simply beautiful. Some other authors which I love are Wilbur Smith, Stephen King, Max Brookes, C.S Lewis, Philip Pullman and Debi Gliori.
  4. Countries/ Cultures – I’ve always loved being in America, ever since I went there on family holidays when I was little. The states I’ve been to are Nevada, California and Arizona. These are so awesum to me, as there is such a mix of people and culture across these states – Arizona is wild and still have native Americans there, and Las Vegas in Nevada is really populated and built up, so I love the changes across the country. The people I met were really friendly too. Another culture I really love is pretty close to home. I went on a hiking/backpacking expedition over the summer, visiting France, Germany, Switzerland and Amsterdam, and we basically travelled along The Rhine. I’ve always loved being in Germany especially as everything is so fresh and different to home. The people are really friendly and we met lots of locals who asked us about our trip. I also like the food…the bratwurst are amazing!
  5. Designers – A designers whose work I saw in a little shop in London, is Cat Priem. She makes quirky jewellery using things like silver bird claws and feathers, but in a pretty way. I love the natural ideas in the pieces but I like that they are beautiful to look at too. I’m really into jewellery, and I havn’t found a particular designer yet, but I love the steampunk movement. Steampunk combines the victorian styling with sci-fi and I love this combination. I love vintage things, but I love sci-fi so the jewellery is really pretty but with a twist.
  6. Films – I like many genres of films, but typically, I don’t work very well with horror! My favorite films, would have to be The Crow trilogy, but the first film (The Crow 1994) is my fave one. I love the story line and the characters and its just a great film for me. I love the classics Shawshank Redemption and The Green Mile (both novels by Stephen King) . Another genre I like is comedy and I love monty phyhon, the Holy Grail being my ultimate favorite. I also still have a soft spot for The Lion King, as its the first film I ever saw at the Cinema and it still makes me cry! I like disney films still, but i like the disney/ pixar colaborational films – like Toy Story and Finding Nemo as the animation and the artwork is facinating. I became hooked ever since I saw a documentry on the pixar story as  it was really interesting.
  7. Food – Theres not many things I won’t eat, but I don’t really like spicy food. I love pasta and my Dad’s lasagne or spaggetti boglonaise are two of my fave meals! As my friends will know, I’m addicted to garlic bread and peas (not at the same meal necessarilly!). I like eating out, but I like to cook myself, mainly pasta and fish dishes. Like most people I love chocolate, pizza and chips, but my main weakness is chinese food. I tried snails much to everone’s disgust in France last year and found them okay, but I think I’ll stick to the garlic bread instead!
  8. Leisure Activities – I’m a fairly social person and I like to go out with mates, but I’d rather go do something exciting than sit in a pub all night. I’m not a massive drinker and so I think some people find it annoying that I don’t get drunk and that I have more willpower than them! I like sports, like badminton and swimming and I’m also a swimming teacher/assistant at my local pool. I like to tavel and do new things; I’ve been scuba diving and paintballing, as well as sailing, climbing, sabre fencing, archery, rifle shooting, absailing and freesailing … the list continues! One thing I really want to try is indoor parachuting – I don’t have the guts to jump out of a plane but it looks so fun! I also want to do white water rafting and snowboarding. I love camping and go away on camps a fair bit. I also love bushcraft and wilderness survival, and I’ve done a greenhorn course with the Bearclaw Bushcraft team a few years back. I love being outdoors and doing fun exciting things. I’m involved in scouting, which means I get to do cool things and camping all the time with my network crew, and I also volenteer at a beaver colony. I’m probably going to get my warrent at some point next year too. I’ve been into music from a young age and I love playing my guitar and writing songs. Art and creating things are my biggest passons and fill most of my time. I love ceramics and sculpture as well as photography and jewellery making. Pretty much anything creating and interesting and I’m there.
  9. Magazines – I love music and so I like magazinges like Q and The Word …I would buy ones like Rock Sound And Guitarist more, but their so expensive! My dad suscribes to Artist and Illustrator and so I’ll often flick through that too, as they have some good artists in there sometimes.
  10. Music – Theres not many types of music I won’t give a go, but most Rap and RnB dosn’t do it for me! I mostly like rock and alternative music and some metal. The bands I listen to most are Red Hot Chilli Peppers, The Rasmus, The police, WASP, Fleetwood Mac, Led Zepplin, I like Guns n Roses, and a lot of 80’s stuff as my Parents always play it in the car, I like punk and blues too. Eric Clapton, Helloween, Muse, Korn ect. I also like some classical pieces by mozart, Handel and Bach. What mood I’m in often dictates what I listen to.
  11. Product design – Although I get laughed at, I own a banana guard. I think it’s one of the most useful pieces of design I have and otherwise I couldn’t take bananas to college as they get all bruised and horrible.
  12. TV – I like a lot of comedy, programmes like Scubs and two and a half men, but I also like documentaries on the history and geo channels. I watch the Ray Mears and Bear Grills survival shows a lot as well as the animal ones – like Life and Blue Planet. I like finding new things out about the world as it really inspires me to go see  and do things.  

So there’s all about me and I would be interested to see if anyone else has any similar interests. It’s always good to meet like-minded people 🙂

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