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Tree-climbing Photo’s

September 11, 2010
As previously mensioned, I have been exploring some of the projects from LTLYM, and one I have chosen one that encompasses two loves of mine…photography and climbing trees! Most of the pictures I took I was a little disapointed in, as where I managed to find “Good” climable trees, there was not really much of an interesting view.  However I climbed a few and just to prove it, my famous nike “Clown shoes” are in some of them! One challenge I found, was how high to risk climbing with an expensive camera, especially with the hazzard of having a camera bag which gets hooked on every damned branch! So I used a carabena to attatch my bag part way up to avoid too much damage. It worked. Kinda.

this tree was high and difficult, and I got part way up before noticing (due to resin I guess) and unusual amount of ants and wasps. A hasty decent ensued.


My lovley nikes....not a great photo...but still of a tree view

little experiment to see how the flash looked...has a little fairy-grotto type feel to it

 After getting a little bored and disheartned (and a little scratched up) On my walk home i noticed some cool graffitti…but it had lots of ivy on it and the paint was over and under the plant as it grew. It was really interesting.

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