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summer project work…banner complete!

September 5, 2010

Okay, so from my last post I was waaay way way behind in my project. I’m having a few issues with printers and no ink right now, so I can’t actually print anything and document it in my sketchbook…Eek! but, I do have other pieces with I can be getting on with…and I have finally finished assignment no #63,  to make an encouraging banner.  I thought about what kind of message I want to convey and here’s a few thought which I had…

My main idea, was that I really hate being lost, whether in a geographical sense, or in life, like where i am going or what direction my art is going. I like to be in control or know for the general stuff what I am doing. An encouragement for this scenario could be like; “You will be found” , but this implies that someone else will find you – and I want to find out for myself, not wait for someone else.  “you will find what you are looking for” was another, but I thought that you might not be looking for something that specific and I want my message to cater for a more…general purpose and for a sense of…journey in life not a lost object. I finally decided on, “You will find a way”. I liked this as its able to cover a few bases, but its a little deeper – like you will be able to overcome your struggles type thing.

I wanted to use lots of bringt colours, as with a banner, you want it to stand out and be noticed. Also bright colours are more attractive and happy and will give a better vibe. 

This was just a quick photo I took in my room to see how it looked hanging up. I thought about where I wanted to properly photograph it, and it just so happened, that my finishing the banner coincided with a camping trip I was going on…so I thought a bit of woodland would be a good place to photograph it.

I also had an idea of using people in my shot, like a night time photo with people shining torches at the banner as if looking for direction. Due to a stupid shcoolboy error on my part, I didn’t fully charge my camera, so I ran out of battery before I could set it up 😦 perhaps for another day…

just a bad little sketch of the photography idea 🙂

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  1. September 7, 2010 1:23 am

    Just happened to look at your blog, and was thankful I did. No more than now do I need that message.

    I really like it, and what you said about night time, it would be amazing if you had it at night time, with a fire underneath (sparks flying up from it and all) the message and people being smiley and happy around it.

  2. lem permalink*
    September 7, 2010 10:41 pm

    yh perhaps I’ll get around to it some day 🙂 lol

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